Professional VSAT communications and TVRO systems.

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We supply everything our customers need for VSAT communications or TVRO systems, to every corner of the globe. Looking for connections, system installs, hardware or repairs? Well, clear the decks – you’ve found the solution!
Our clients are diverse and flexible, so are we. Regardless of your location, our engineers will be able to find you and provide all the help you need.

Not only has our vast experience won us a European award for innovation; it also gives us access to the best equipment and compounds on the market.

We prefer KNS antenna systems and iDirect connections, but that’s not to say you feel the same. Rest assured, however, your needs will be paramount and we will work with you to arrive at the best possible solution.

Based in the Netherlands, we have built a solid network of partners in the industry over the years. As a matter of fact, there is almost always a member of our team in your area. Once we have provided your systems and ensured everything is A1, we can also provide remote service. This involves continuously monitoring your systems, a position that usually enables us to identify problems early on and, if necessary, give you the right advice.

Why flexibleVSAT

It’s simple: Because we resent the rigid and expensive airtime contracts that ship owners have to accept, while many providers provide minimal bandwidth. We think like our customers and ensure that you do get what you pay for.

Do you need a temporary bandwidth upgrade? Log in to your own My FlexibleVSAT and schedule the upgrade. Finished!

Does the ship go to the wharf and the connection is not used for a while? Log in to your own My FlexibleVSAT and schedule the suspension. Finished!


We make sure you get what you need right where you are. VSAT, TVRO and/or 4G/5G antenna systems, thermal night vision cameras, GNSS compasses, Intelligent Search Lights. And more. Everything actually.


Of course we will send a man to arrange the installation. Or a whole team if needed. In any case, we take most of the work off your hands so that you can focus on other matters.


Always with a smile. Everywhere on earth and if possible remote and immediate.

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We care about NGOs and charities.

Here at Schipperij Services BV we love to support people and organizations that are committed to people, the environment or marine life without self-interest. We have been doing this with

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